Basic Rules of Facebook Advertising

Owning a small business means having limited funds for marketing and advertising purposes. Especially when you are trying to join the online marketing and online advertising game, one would easily think that a business should have the big guns in order to stay afloat the stiff competition.However, there are currently new alternatives when it comes to advertising a company or a business online without having to spend so much on advertising and marketing. Today, you can now take advantage of social networking websites such as Facebook to help you promote your small business in greatly effective ways.Any new online advertiser would want to know the secrets in order to let your Facebook page drive new customers. Perhaps you have just joined the site and are not yet familiar with how it works, which is why promoting your business on Facebook seems a very daunting task.Good thing the internet has gotten so user friendly these days and websites also saw the need for them to be sensitive to first time users. Facebook specifically is very easy to get along with, and with the regular updates and changes in its design and layout, one will easily get the hang of navigating in Facebook in no time.But say for example you do not have that little extra time during the day to sit down in front of the computer and learn how to go through Facebook, how are you going to promote your business effectively on it? Below are some of the basic strategies that will help any new Facebook user promote their business in the website effectively and affordably.Stick to the simple and take things slow.It is impossible to get results overnight and it will surely take time before you can build up the residual returns, but that does not mean that you give up right away. A lot of Facebook advertisers commit the mistake of letting an ad campaign go just because it didn’t work after a couple of days.Don’t get discouraged easily. Stick to the simple methods first and take your time with it.Build a personal relationship with your fans.One downside of promoting a small business on Facebook is the smaller fan base that you have. But instead of whining and getting all frustrated about the number of fans that you have, why not take advantage of the small number and tap into each of them directly.If you are still a growing organization, it is always a great idea to interact with each new fan on an individual basis. Build a relationship with each fan and they will become a fan and a customer forever.Never spam.Never spam your members or other Facebook users. Spamming is one sure way to delete your brand on the web for good.