Does Facebook Advertising Really Work?

If you are looking for convenient ways to make money through the internet, you should start familiarizing yourself with how web marketing and web advertising works. Contrary to common belief, online marketing is not just for well established companies and huge corporations – thanks to the advent of social networking websites, one can easily start a business and build a solid customer base in no time.One of the commonly used websites to run a business and entertain customers is the ever popular social networking website called Facebook. However, a lot of questions hover around the concept of Facebook advertising: Does it really work? How so? Is Facebook advertising also ideal for new players in the industry?First thing’s first – Facebook advertising does work if all you are asking is proof that you can be a successful online advertiser using the social networking website. Facebook works because of the obvious reason that it is a social networking website, a place where people reveal practically every information and intimate details about them.Because Facebook users openly share certain information about themselves, it gives online marketers and advertisers the chance to fashion their advertising campaigns according to the taste and interests of the Facebook users. The moment online marketers get hold of essential market information such as age, gender, music preferences, religion, political point of view, favorite pages, books, movies, etc, they will be able to create highly targeted online marketing campaigns.To further understand how Facebook works and why it is effective, below are some of the perks that Facebook can provide any online business planning to penetrate the Facebook market.Facebook Provides Targeted DemographicsAbout 97% of the Facebook users all around the world reveals their profile details, including their age, religion, gender, and relationship status. When online advertisers gain access to this kind of essential information, they are able to target the demographics of their audience quite easily.Advertising and marketing becomes so much easier when your target audience already reveals so much about themselves. Facebook advertising lets advertisers focus on specific individuals which helps maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign.Facebook Provides Instant Feedback and Direct OpinionOne of the many perks of advertising in a social networking website such as Facebook is that you get to see the immediate response and reactions of the market in a matter of minutes. If for example a new advertising campaign is released, you will immediately know the opinions of the market through the comments, conversations, and updated status messages of the Facebook users.Advertising in Facebook requires that you become a keen observer and critical audience at the same time. It is important that you are able to read between the lines and analyze the mixed response and feedback of the different Facebook users.